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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’re ready to create a personalized tribute inmemory of your loved one, please email me at dshuttleworth10@gmail.com. Share as much detail as possible about the departed. Include their names, age, cause of death, and other general details. 

From there, I’ll reach out with additional questions to get a clearer picture of who your loved one truly was. I’ll write an obituary of 1000 to 2500 words, or according to your preffered word ount. It can be a short profile, a mini-biography, or a long heartfelt tribute, depending on how you want to tell their story.

I’ll submit the completed draft within 3-4 days of receiving your email. If you need to add or omit any details, I’ll be happy to make the necessary revisions (up to three rounds) until you’re happy and satisfied. I’ll then send you an invoice with my PayPal address or credit card details.

Once you contact us seeking a memorial writing service, we will give you a few options. We can write a short or long obit, a moving tribute (eulogy), a detailed profile, or a mini-biography of your loved one. These can be as short as 500 words or as long as 2500+ words, depending on how long you want them. Once you know what you want, we’ll share a short contract detailing our terms. The contract allows us to handle things more professionally and simplify the process. Once you accept the terms, we’ll communicate via email or WhatsApp messaging to learn as much as possible about your dear one and then write their story. We can submit the final draft within 3-7 days. We allow up to three rounds of revisions to ensure you’re happy with the final obituary.

We first ask for general information about the departed one. We will need their names, ages, occupation, family details, and circumstances of their death. You can leave out sensitive details you may not wish to share, such as cause of death and other family or personal details. We’ll then ask more questions about their lives, their loves, what differences they made, what lives they touched, and how. Basically, everything that made them special. We’ll use this information to paint a picture of who they were and the memories they left behind.

Of course. Every individual is unique in their own way, and each story is different. We don’t create standardized obits or dull death announcements that fail to capture the unique personality of your loved one. We employ a flexible approach that can be witty, heartfelt, or warm, depending on which emotion or message you wish to convey. We’ll work with your preferred tone and style. 

Once we have all the necessary information and start working on your assignment, you can expect the final obituary draft within 3-7 days. We work to make each turnaround time as short as possible, so the 3-7 days are enough to allow us to make revisions and corrections per your suggestions. These days can be shorter depending on the type of service you ordered. Short assignments can take no more than 3 days, and for those with very tight deadlines, we will need a maximum of 48 hours to submit your order.

Ideally, we will send you a short draft of the obit during its earliest stages of development. You’ll review it and confirm if the tone and style match what you wanted. If you’re satisfied, we’ll submit the final draft for your review. You can then share your feedback and suggestions on what else to include or omit, and we’ll edit accordingly. We’ll handle up to three rounds of revision before we submit the final work.

Yes. We handle every project with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. We treat each client with respect, and every conversation, whether consultation or sensitive details of an individual, is kept confidential. We do not share client details with third parties, so you can rest assured that your information is safe. Sometimes, we ask for testimonials from our satisfied clients, and when granted, we don’t share more than we’re allowed to put out there. Sometimes, we post our previous assignments on our website, but only with the client’s permission. We will only post the story of your loved one if you consent to it.

Our contract states that we accept an upfront deposit of 50%, and the balance is paid after the final submission. If you’re dissatisfied with the final obituary after we’ve made the necessary revisions per your suggestions, we can work on it from a different angle/perspective. If that doesn’t work, we’ll encourage you to consult another service provider who may be able to meet your needs. We will, however, refund 25% of the deposit made and retain the other 25% to compensate for the time we invested in writing the obit.

We write long and short obituaries, tributes, eulogies, biographies, and profiles. 

A short obituary typically provides essential information about the deceased, such as their full name, age, date of birth and death, and a brief mention of surviving family members. It may also include details about the funeral or memorial service.

Long obituaries delve deeper into the life of the deceased. They include additional information such as the person’s background, achievements, hobbies, passions, and anecdotes that provide a more comprehensive picture of who they were. 

Tributes are a broader and more emotional expression of admiration and respect for the deceased. When crafting these, we focus on the positive impact the person had on others, their character, values, and the memories shared. 

Profiles are detailed accounts of an individual’s life, often highlighting their achievements, career, and personal attributes. They can be a comprehensive overview that goes beyond the scope of an obituary, providing a more in-depth look at the person’s legacy, contributions, and impact on their community or field.

Mini biographies are short memoirs of your loved one. It includes their family history and provides a well-rounded view of the individual. 

Yes. We do not discriminate against people based on gender, race, ethnicity, or cultural and religious background. We’re here to tell everyone’s story and honor various cultural and religious preferences.

Yes, our services are available for individuals of any age. We focus on inclusivity and write about every family member, including fur babies and canine friends.

Yes, we’re flexible and can combine different services, allowing you to create a more extensive and personalized memorial.

We charge 50% upfront before we write and accept the remaining 50% once the order is complete. This ensures transparency and accountability. In case you want to cancel your order after the final submission, we retain 50% of the deposit made.

In unexpected situations, we will communicate early to inform you of the changes to the initial deadline. Depending on the situation, we’ll request an extension ranging from a few hours to days. We keep our communication channels open throughout the contract and expect you to do the same.

The writing process begins when you accept our terms and provide details of your loved one. We then embark on completing your order within the agreed deadline. We consider the contract complete once you’re satisfied with the final submission and made the final payment.

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Teri O'halo McMahon

I help families bring out the beauty and character of their dear ones by writing obituaries, tributes, eulogies and mini biographies that define their legacy. Obituaries that go beyond the usual bland and dull announcements, capturing the essence of their true selves.

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I help families bring out the beauty and character of their dear ones by writing obituaries, tributes, eulogies and mini biographies that define their legacy. Obituaries that go beyond the usual bland and dull announcements that fail to capture the essence of who those people really were.

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